1935-36 Sports Season "At a single glance"
1935-36 Sports Season "At a single glance"

Gift Ideas and Special Projects

In addition to books, Diomedea Publishing also does a variety of smaller projects.  In 2012 our efforts were focused towards printing on wood and paper.  For 2013-14 we have been printing on gold and silver metal plates.  Our goal with these projects is to preserve and restore the art work of the past, then present it in a striking manner for modern interest.  We have a lot of ideas for future projects as well so if you want to know about them, be sure to join our mailing list and receive our holiday catalog!! [click here to join the mailing list] 

The Diomedea Publishing display in the Art-Is-In Market Store at Partridge Creek Mall. All of the products on this page can be seen in person at any of the 3 Art-Is-In Market locations: Partridge Creek (Clinton Township, MI), 12 Oaks Mall (Novi, MI) or Laurel Park Mall (Livonia, MI)

The Detroit City of Champions season 1935-36 "At a single glance." After being given permission by the Detroit Free Press, work went ahead on the restoration and reproduction of this iconic piece of memorabilia.  About 36 hours of restoration was needed to restore this amazing piece to its' original grandeur. 

Detroit City of Champions Replica Newspaper (printed on paper)
20.00 USD

Nothing shows the true greatness of the City of Champions season quite like this newspaper, which was originally published on April 19th 1936 (the day after Champions Day). The print measures 18"x24" and comes with an information card that discusses its' importance.

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12"x15" Gold and Silver Plates: $40.00

City of Champions Silver Plate
40.00 USD

City of Champions newspaper printed on a silver plate, tells the story of the 1935-36 season and explains the rarity of the newspaper. Of all the items on this page, this one is a "must have." Excellent conversation piece.

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1909 Detroit Tigers Gold Plate
40.00 USD

From the legendary t206 tobacco card set, this plate shows many of the players who helped the Tigers win their first 3 American League pennants. Photos don't capture how well the bright pastel colors sparkle on the gold plate.

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1909 t206 Hall of Famers Gold Plate
40.00 USD

Most of the greatest names in early baseball history are featured on this plate. Part of the legendary t206 tobacco card set, several of these original cards represent the most expensive cards in the world. Most prominently, the Honus Wagner which sold for $2.8 million dollars.

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1935 Tiger Rotogravure images on a gold plate
40.00 USD

An excellent companion for the new book (Volume I), the story of the 1934-1935 Tigers is told underneath the stunning visual Rotogravure newspaper photos.

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Pioneers of Hockey--Gold Plate
40.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

This stunning gold plate featuring examples from the 1910-1911 Imperial Tobacco C56 Hockey Card set, highlights the story of the birth of the NHL which is written down the side. The story on the plate discusses the transition of hockey to America and the birth of the Detroit Red Wings.

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Gold Plate Magnets: $8 each

One of our most popular items are these gold plate magnets which measure 2.5” x 3.5” (exactly the same size as a standard baseball card).  A separate order page has been created to expedite your order Click [HERE] to jump straight to order page.


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A typical night selling books and telling the City of Champions story.  This photo was taken at Forest Hills Country Club in 2011.

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